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Education that focuses on connecting more deeply with a wise inner self, is the premise of this work. In particular, exploring how the body, mind and spirit are interconnected and how they facilitate inner healing, growth, and spiritual evolution, are featured. Transpersonal Psychology (TP) is fundamental to this work. For more information on TP, see About

Bio-psycho-spiritual Topics

  • Introduction to mind-body-spirit connections: The role of mindfulness (Date TBD)
  • Introduction to Shadow Work (Date TBD)
  • Exploring the Wisdom Years (Date TBD)

Introduction to Shadow Work 

An introductory course in Shadow Work was developed while completing my MA in Transpersonal Studies (See About page). The original version – a university/college level credit course - is a 12 week experiential course of study. A modified version of this course has also been created for special interest groups. Alternatively, this information can be delivered in private sessions as a stand alone topic or as a component of the coaching process. 

Course Outline

As an introductory course in Transpersonal Psychology, participants explore and begin to work with the concept of Shadow. Drawing upon insights gained from the world’s wisdom traditions, as well as various arts, sciences, and psychologies, the light and dark aspects of shadow (forgotten or denied traits) are examined and participants are provided with the opportunity to begin discovering and reclaiming these aspects of the Self. In doing so, they begin to develop a greater sense of self awareness as well as an enhanced feeling of connection with others.


Consider This...

  • Do you long to understand the darker, hidden, and often unpredictable aspects of your nature?
  • Do you minimize your abilities; your brilliance? Are you self-critical? Do you see in others, those qualities that you dream of for yourself?
  • How self-aware are you? Are you attuned to the presence of the critic or the judge in your dealings with yourself or others? What do you do in response to such behaviour?
These questions speak to the heart of Shadow Work. If you resonate with any of these questions and would like more information on this topic, complete the Contact Form or call 613-329-6224. Fees for college based courses are set by the participating institution. To explore private/corporate arrangements for course delivery, please complete the Contact Form. _____________________________________________________________________

Reiki Training

Reiki training is no longer offered by In-Sight Consulting.
To learn more about Reiki and/or to book a session, see Reiki.


Coaching Sessions

All education embedded within a coaching session is part of the
coaching session rate ($9/hour)          

Stand Alone Education Sessions

Individual bio-psycho-spiritual education sessions
Prep time may require an additional charge.

Group Sessions tailored to the needs of the group will be charged
$90/hour for the following:

  • Preparation (max. 8 hours)                                                              
  • Delivery (dependent on group; may vary from 1 hour to a series of sessions)
  • Resources (will depend on group need; eco-friendly options encouraged)

Shadow Course
If offered outside of a post-secondary setting, fees will depend on class size. For more details and/or to discuss this option, please complete the Contact Form.

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    "One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."

    - C. G. Jung

    "Denise is able to sift through the words in my head and help me come up with the answers to my questions. She is able to softly, gently allow me to find the hard truths to help get me past the barriers in moving forward in my life."

    - Nicola B